Sunday, 17 March 2013

And more wedding sewing.

Friday my dear friend Viv came and spent the weekend with me to help with the wedding sewing, and more important help me fit my muslin.

We had two very late nights going to bed at midnight on both Friday and Saturday night so we certainly worked hard.

First stop Friday was to go and look at the lace I wanted to purchase.  This wasn't from my beloved Walthamstow Market, and it was very very expensive so I needed someone to support me   1st in confirming my choice of fabric and, 2nd supporting me when I paid over the money, for which dear readers, I am still in shock, but delighted with the fabric.

So one of the first jobs was to make the final decision on the design because we needed to work the design around the lace.  We scrolled through many pictures on the internet, looked at patterns from BurdaStyle and the propriety  brands that I have and a design was born.

Next job was to alter the Butterick pattern  to fit our design and here is Viv doing just that for me (excuse the mess).

My toile was made, and fitted and unpicked to make a pattern.  This was used to cut out both the fashion fabric and lining pieces, which are partly sewn.

The next step was to find a pattern to use with the lace, and we found exactly what we were looking for from the March 2013 issue of BurdaStyle.  Viv kindly measured me, traced off the pattern and cut out the piece in some spare tulle (this was the closest to the lace we could find).  There were a few minor adjustments around the neck edge and another toile was completed.

While Viv was doing all this, I pressed on with the little bridesmaid dresses.

I had already done a lot of work on the dresses and one of the jobs was to insert the zipper in the back.  Viv suggested that I use the method used by Sherry from the blog Pattern Scissor Cloth giving a really professional finish to an invisible zipper with no hand sewing involved.

I put my hand up to confess there was a bit of head scratching going on, but once we did it, it was quite easy (once you know how) and boy does it give a professional finish (I'll post a photo later) and a big thanks to Sherry who posted instructions on how to do this.  In her example she inserts the zipper in a skirt, but the same application can be used for a dress.

Just to show you the success of the organza interlining and tulle petticoat look at how the little dress can stand up on its own.  Alana loves her "princess dress" and doesn't want to take it off.

These are very close to finished now.  Zipper in the back of one, zipper partially inserted into the back of the 2nd.  The fit is perfect on both little girls.  I now just need to hem the dresses and make the 2nd cummerbund (first one is made) and these can be ticked off the list.

My 11 year old bridesmaid will be wearing the same colour as these little ones but a slightly more grown up dress.  I am using a BurdaStyle pattern from their February 2012 issue and will trace that off during the week.

Viv left at lunchtime to head back home, a 3 hour plus car ride, and I can't tell you how grateful I was for all her help.  It would have been almost impossible for me to take such accurate measurements on my own.  She very kindly took my bodice top to sew up for me and some fabric to cover 20+ tiny buttons in the fashion fabric.  This is the sort of job I hate and am even more grateful for her help.

BIG BIG THANK YOU VIV this has taken such a load off my mind.

Catch you later..................


  1. You deserve the spend - good for you and Viv for supporting you.

  2. Oh my, what a weekend! and what a lovely friend you have in Viv.

  3. That little dress is beyond cute!!!! OMG!!! You have so much support surrounding you. Savor this time as it is all part of the experience.

  4. What a wonderful friend your Viv and so helpful. I love Alana's dress - I'm sure she'll feel and look like a princess wearing it! Thanks for the tip on the invisible zipper.

  5. how lucky to have Vic helping you.. im sure it all will turn out great

  6. What a lovely friend and precious little dress. I know wedding planning is stressful and I hope you are having fun. :)

  7. So proud your friend came to help you.. How wonderful.. Looks like ya'll got alot done.. and the little dress is adorable.

  8. That little dress is adorable!!!! Keep it up..

  9. You are so busy, but it is a very happy kind of busy, which is lovely. I hope you enjoy this gorgeous girly wedding/sewing time with your friend :)

  10. The dress is beautiful. Great job

  11. The little dress is exquisite and so beautifully constructed. Those little girls will be angelic.

    Viv is the friend we all want, one who sews, knows how to measure us, helps us with spending gobs of money, and just a total support. You are very blessed. Go Viv!

  12. Thank you all for your comments its great to get your support too as this is a very special day for me - I am blessed to have such a friend and really appreciated her assistance. It helps so much to discuss something with a fellow sewer who can objectively think about issues problems etc. My dear friend Sigrid would have also loved to have come over and it would have been such fun to have the 3 of us there, but the distance is a little bit of a problem, but I have skyped her to chat about our plans.

    I am reducing the amount of time I spend at the flat in London each week leading up to the wedding so that I can be at the cottage sewing in the evening (its easier to just have everything in one place). I have had to write out a action plan to make sure I keep within my timeline as I don't want to be rushing my dress at the last minute.

  13. Everything seems to be going smoothly and I hope it continues to do so! Your little dresses are so adorable that I'm sure the rest of the wedding will be stunning and well worth all the effort. I'm so happy you have such a wonderful friend to help.

  14. I blush!!!! I'm going to reciprocate the thanks here, as there aren't many sewistas who would appreciate having their plans interfered with so thoroughly by another, so thanks for letting me participate in the making, Pauline. I would have been devastated not to have had a hand in it somewhere and it was great fun spending the weekend doing what we enjoy so much. And, no, I still haven't started the buttons, but you'll have them for the weekend!

  15. Pauline, I read your comment on my blog and refuse to let you just generally sway to music at your wedding!!!!
    Here is a VERY BASIC lesson on the waltz on You Tube. One..two..three. That's all it takes!!!

  16. Yes, I would have loved to participate in the making of THE dress. But loved to hear the stories of you working with Viv and making good progress instead. I had the pleasure of you giving me the sneak preview of the fabric you bought and it's sooo right. You'll get there!

  17. You´ve been really busy! I wish I could send you a great sunny day from Andalucia to make everything and everyone shine on your wedding day!