Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hem completed on one dress.

I have made some more progress tonight.  Both of the little dresses have had the zipper inserted last night and the bodice lining hand stitched in place.

I have tonight managed to hem one of the little dresses, but let me tell you that there are metres/yds of fabric in each of those skirts and it has taken me approximately 4 hours to hem the lining and the fashion fabric of one little dress.  One of the advantages of the underlining is that all the stitching is invisible from the right side because you only need catch the underlining.

Each dress has a cummerbund, I have made the first one (needs pressing), and need to make the 2nd.  I experimented with the cummerbund and added some of the organza to the inside of the tie part and this gives far more body when a bow is tied, so I shall add this feature for both of them.

These little dresses have had far more work in them than I ever expected, but they look darn cute on the girls, and Alana thinks its her princess dress.

I am off on a quilting weekend tomorrow.  I know I know I don't really have time, but this was a birthday present, all booked and paid for so I am going so my bridesmaid dress sewing will not resume until Wednesday now.

Catch you later.....................


  1. You are a riot! Have a nice quilting wkend.

  2. These dresses are precious and you deserve a break. Have a good one!

  3. Beautiful dresses! Enjoy your quilting weekend!

  4. The dresses look fantastic! Enjoy your quilting adventure!

  5. The dresses are so cute, and I think the girls will look absolutley beautiful in them! I hope you will have a wonderful quilting weekend.

  6. Such amazing dresses for your little ones. Enjoy your quilting weekend. Sometimes a break is refreshing and you can start the next dresses with renewed energy.