Wednesday, 13 March 2013

More ruffles than a can can skirt

My Ruffles have been gathered, and thankfully none of my gathering thread broke during the process.  Next stage was to attach them to the skirt lining, remembering to attach it to the wrong side of the skirt lining (on my test one I did it the wrong way round) this way the inside of the dress is nice.

I am really pleased with the softer tulle and glad I didn't use the rather stiff white net I used first time round, and as you can see the skirt is able to stand up entirely on its own, which is mainly due to the organza.  The other benefit of this softer tulle is that it wasn't so rough to handle, and should be nicer for the little ones to wear.

As you can see from the picture of the wonderful can can dancers, there are nearly as many ruffles in these little bridesmaid dresses as they have ha ha.

I didn't spend as much time sewing tonight because I thought I had better bite the bullet and tidy up my sewing room a little.  My lovely friend Viv is coming on Friday to help me fit my dress muslin, so I figured I had better make some room up in the sewing den before she arrives.

Catch you later...................


  1. Coming along nicely. Those little girls are going to whirl and twirl when they are wearing them.

    1. thanks Ann I think they will like swirl in their skirts - fitting them both tomorrow

  2. Every little princess needs lots of ruffles. They are going to love their dresses.

  3. These dresses are going to be adorable.. So proud your getting so much done.. Hope the
    dress fitting goes well..and you and your friend, have lots of fun and laughs...

  4. These bring back so many memories of being that age, playing dress up with my sister. My grandmom always gave us her lingerie discards, which included lots of lace and ruffles, as she was very feminine. Your little bridesmaids are so fortunate to have these beautiful dresses and the memories of walking down the aisle in them!

  5. well, looks your post attract some unwanted attention ;)
    The ruffles look good. The girls are going to be such lovely bridesmaids.
    Hope you got a lot of work done together with Vivienne. You won't be posting that here I assume?