Sunday, 10 March 2013

Look what I found this morning!!!!!!

Hi this is a very quick post but I wanted to share it.  A couple of weeks ago my D Mike said there was a fox in our garage, it jumped out of the broken window at the back of the garage.

As you know we were in Paris last weekend, so this was the first chance to do something about it.  Having seen her jump out last night I said we must sort out the window and block it off.

This morning we opened the back door to go in and sort out the window and this is what we found - 4 baby fox cubs that can only be a day or so old because their eyes are not open yet by the look of it.

The mother has had the babies in an old washing basket that had a few bit and pieces in......Oh dear what do I do now.

Well I'll call the RSPCA tomorrow and take their advice, but I guess I can't do much until they are older.

Catch you later...............


  1. Let us know what they suggest you do. We have quitw a bit of wildlife that comes into our yard. It's probably only a matter of time until we have a similar situation. The babies must be precious.

  2. WOW!! what a surpise to find newborn fox kits in the garage. We have fox in our area; imported from England about 1860's. We don't see a lot of them but did have a den near the horse barn that had mom, dad, and three babies. It was exciting to watch them grow up. Hope all goes well with them.

  3. Those babies need to be protected. Have you seen the experiments in Russia where they have found many foxes can be trained to react just like dogs--wagging their tails and licking the faces of their owners? I hope England has a "catch and release" program somewhere.

  4. Awwwwww. Please see that they are taken care of. I love animals and these little guys are so precious.

  5. Oh how precious and special that must be! I do hope they are taken care of properly. g

  6. Oh My Goodness!!. What a surprise you must have had! We. too have a fox hanging around our property and we always shoo it away because we are afraid it will do harm to our two cats. Good luck with this _
    dilemna (I don't think that's the correct spelling is it??)

  7. Wow...know this was a shock!!!
    Now..what to do?? Anxious to hear from you ..on what happens.

  8. In answer to several questions. I'll take advice from the RSPCA tomorrow to see what they say. I don't really want them in there when they are getting older and making a lot of mess (if you know what I mean) I have garden furniture in there and other stuff that will get ruined.

    Mum is around jumping in and out of the window. Closer look at the picture, I think there may be 5 of them.