Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back from the Netherlands - let the sewing begin

I was delighted to find two package safely stored for me when I arrived back from the Netherlands last night.

I succumbed and ordered some new patterns last week, predominately due to some wonderful reviews on PR or on individual blogs:-

Vogue - 6571; 1316
Butterick - 5780; 5779; 5705; 5710
McCalls - 6610; 6464; 6460; 6571

Some of these patterns are for inspiration and some are because I love them the way they are - so these have been added to my Bento system, numbered and ready to go into my pattern stash.

My 2nd package was my order of Prym snaps/poppers.  I mentioned that my D Mike purchased the snaps for me, but it was a refill pack which was missing the two adaptors that hold the corresponding parts in place before squeezing the pliers together so I hope to get my McCalls 6116 dress to shirt conversion completed today.

Last but not least I brought home my package of bra making lycra, elastic's notions etc that Sigrid kindly picked up for me a few weeks ago.  I did panic slightly when I saw the size of the package because I only had my rucksack/backpack because this was just an overnight visit. Necessity being the mother of invention, I sandwiched my laptop and ipad between lycra, stuffed the elastics in side pockets to make sure I could get it all home.  I can't wait to sort through it all later.

My D Mike is off to help his youngest son move house today, so other than going to the shops and doing some exercise I have a day of sewing, finishing planned.

Wish me luck, and catch you later.....................


  1. Looking forward to the result of your sewing today. Glad it came all home with you ;)
    Some of the patterns you ordered are on my wishlist too. See you are preparing for the big event next year.

  2. Can hardly wait to see the end result of your top.

    I will have to see which patterns you ordered later on today. Need my coffee and have to can spaghetti sauce and work on the labour intensive project.

    Have a great weekend.