Thursday, 23 February 2012

Do you have problems with your bank?

As many of you know I travel a lot for work.  For the first time ever I had a problem with my credit card so I used my spare credit card "declined", so I used my debit card which I know I have money in "declined" - nightmare or what.

My work colleague dealt with the hire car issue and when I got to my hotel I called the credit card companies and my bank.  1st one sorted, then on to my bank.  Seems they sent me a new credit card, which I didn't replace in my purse, so I said hmmmm can't remember getting it but this is my spare card that I only use in an emergency, so I am 99% sure its in the draw at home.  Ok said the young lady on the phone, I can freeze your card until you get home to check it, and we can unfreeze it very quickly.  Sure I said, and went off to bed.

Next day (last night) I thought I must transfer some money over and went into my on-line banking - SHOCK HORROR.  The only 2 accounts I could see was my house mortgage and the retched credit card that I never use.  My savings and current accounts were nowhere to be found.

I called the bank, explained the problem and a young man said that they had frozen all of my accounts because non of their mail had been getting through (not true).  I explained the situation of the night before and suggested that rather than just freezing my credit card the young lady must have frozen ALL of my accounts.  He checked with his special team and came back and said "all done, you should be able to see your accounts in an hour".  I went for a dinner last night and at midnight still no accounts.

Another desperate phone call and this different person told me it will take 5 days to unfreeze my accounts, however he too has unfrozen my debit card, and it "should" be ok to use to pay for my hotel and car bill tomorrow.

I am furious to feel so powerless with my own money.  I have not experienced this problem before, which I guess over a 30 year period with this bank is not too bad, BUT, when it happens boy does it happen big.  I checked again today, still can't see my accounts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully the day can only get better............

Catch you later..........................................................


  1. This is awful.

    This happened to me whilst I was in France on holiday. Thankfully I had some travellers cheques. They'd stopped my accounts because my EX boyfriend had defaulted on his account. Even though we had advised them that we were no longer together and this was my sole account registered to a different address.

    Needless to say I don't bank with them any more!

    I hope your day improves. Quickly and by a huge amount.

  2. Hope it is solved very, very soon. How aweful.

  3. Horrible, Terrible, Awlful. I had my credit card frozen due to fraud and I had a new card, etc in a week. But they didn't touch our banking accounts.

    Hope all is well soon.

  4. This is terrible, and I feel awful for you. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

  5. I have just arrived home and I still can't see my current/savings accounts so I will have to drive to the bank in the morning and make them transfer some money for me - thank goodness my work colleague was with me and paid my hotel bill for me.

  6. You have spoken with them repeatedly, under what provisions are they withholding your funds? At some point, this becomes conversion, to my mind. This is your money, the use of which the bank has withheld. They need to explain why. And make sure it doesn't happen again.

  7. I am pleased to say that today I CAN SEE MY MONEY AGAIN.

    I do need to write to the Bank and complain though.