Sunday, 19 February 2012

McCalls 6435 - View C & D

Hi Readers

I didn't get home until early evening tonight so that meant that I had little time to do any sewing, but I really really wanted to do something.

When I made up Jalie 2921 I had a little of the fabric left over, but not enough to make a complete top, so I thought I would use it to create the contrast in McCalls 6435, but this time I would Make view D with the asymmetrical yoke front and back.

I used the cable knit for the yokes and the sleeves, but I didn't quite have enough for a full-length sleeve, so I made up the shortfall with the cotton knit jersey that I used for the body back and front, which I bought at the same time as the lemon cable knit because I thought they would match.


front yoke

back view
I wore the Jalie 2921 while I was away and it was really comfortable to wear, and suitable for work, however this top I think is more casual looking and will be great with a pair of jeans.

I top-stitched the seams joining the contrasting fabrics to make sure the seam allowance didn't expose itself in the sheer cable knit fabrics.

This is a really quick and easy top to sew up, I would have completed it much quicker had I not managed to melt the fabric in the back cable knit with a hot blast of steam - I HATE UNPICKING SERGED SEAMS.  Thankfully I wasn't paying attention and cut out two front yokes and two back yokes so utilised one of the spares to replace the ruined piece.

I just have to hem sleeves, bottom and neck edge, but will change my serger over to the cover stitch in the morning now as its too late.

Well I think I had best make my way to bed, otherwise I will kick over into Houston time zone again.

Catch you later............


  1. Gorgeous creation that you made. I can definitely see it with jeans and slacks on the weekend.

  2. Your tops are great, Pauline. Ouch on that fabric melting experience, though. Lucky you had a spare piece that saved the day. Good luck on your upcoming surgery.

  3. That's a great looking top.

  4. Lovely, I do like the non-symmetric style.