Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Back Home

Hi everyone

I am pleased to say I am now back home this afternoon and glad to be in my own surroundings, and certainly will not miss the very early morning cup of tea that all hospitals seem to think you want.

The surgery went well, however I have 4 bullet holes (keyhole surgery) and of course they are all in the most difficult place i.e zipping up your pants etc.   You would have laughed at me getting dressed this morning.  I made the mistake of removing my PJ's and dropping them and the clothes I was to go home in on the floor, I then realised I couldn't bend down to pick them up.  Its amazing how creative you get when needs must - I found the easiest way to deal with my problem was was to hold on to the support rail, and wiggle the clothes up my leg until they were within arms reach.  Movement number two was like a ballet dancer with one leg out back in the air and extending my reach to reach the floor.  Neither suitable for public display but I managed to do what I needed.

I doubt that I will do any sewing until I get back to the cottage at the weekend, and suspect my standing time will be limited so I guess I will only be able to do short bursts - little and often.  I think I still have loads of anaesthetic floating around my body because just dressing this morning wore me out.

Thanks to everyone who posted get well wishes on my blog and some who dropped me an e.mail - it so lovely to think that all around the world there are such thoughtful people out there - THANK YOU it really made me smile.

My return gift to all of you lovely people is to leave give you something so smile about too.  My daughter acquired a new member of her family on Sunday

His name is Bentley and he is an 8week old great dane puppy.  My children grew with two great danes when they were younger, and my daughter has been asking me for many years to get another one.  Sadly because of my extensive travel schedules it isn't the most sensible thing for me.  Lauren and her partner have their own home now, so I am sure under her persuasion she twisted his arm behind his back and persuaded him to get Bentley, and now have this young man and a cat that invited herself to stay on the day they moved in.

I haven't seen Bentley yet, but can't wait isn't he gorgeous isn't he.

Catch you later................


  1. Hope you make a speedy recovery. And, yes, Bentley is a very handsome chap!

  2. Wishing you a speedy and positive recovery. I wonder if those are the same four holes I got in my surgery. I totally hear you on the dressing situation. Big rule: Take care and DON'T OVERDO!

  3. Thanks ladies

    Bunny, I suspect it may be something similar - its called the joys of getting old so basically mesh and tape and sticky back plastic I guess ha ha (UK readers will remember that from Blue Peter days).

  4. Pauline,
    So glad that you are home and that everything went well. Don't overdo it! Somehow the red dress did not manifest itself. I looked for a primarily red print but nothing caught my eye. I thought of you last week...I popped into a Joann's that was relocating and all of their patterns were $1.99. I picked up 3 Vogues I had my eye on. The stock was picked over so getting 3 was a bonus. Bentley is adorable!! Take good care and don't overdo it!

  5. Take care of yourself and don't over do it. I have 4 bullet holes but I don't think my surgery is the same as yours. I did find that I slept a lot after surgery. Up for a bit and then off for a 2 hour nap.
    Bentley is adorable. You can get a Bently when you retire. (And not the car either).

  6. Hi Pauline, Im so glad to know you are feeling well even throughout challenge recovery time.

    this dogie is adorable.. ohh makes me sad thinking my dog is at home in Brasil... Im such a dog lover !

  7. Rachel

    I used to have 3 dogs and I used to compete with them in something called working trials (it was a little like a competition for police dogs). I had a German Shepherd Dog, a boarder collie and my great dane. I used to do little bits with my great dane, and he was even in the Disney film, 101 Dalmatians with my black shepherd. I loved my dogs and walking them, training etc., but I will have to wait until I retire until I can get another. Still hopefully Lauren will let me help her with Bentley.

  8. Glad to have you back and on your way to recovery. Lots of loose and comfortable clothes for a few weeks yet I guess.

  9. I hope that you are soon fully recovered. Bentley is lovely!

  10. I showed Bently to my 8 yr old blue Great Dane, Tasha. She definitly approves!

  11. Nancy my great Danes were blue - the first one just blue and the 2nd one a blue harlequin -- lovely dogs