Wednesday, 15 February 2012

High Fashion and meeting friends

Hi everyone I am typing this post rather early because I have been awake since 4:30am because I am in nice warm Houston this week for a business trip - sadly the jet lag has set in and my body clock is all over the place.

I flew in on Monday afternoon and went straight to down town Houston to meet up with a fellow blogger Art Attack .  Its quite funny when you meet people that you only know from their blog, you usually have to give a description of what you will be wearing etc etc, but it is a little like meeting a pen friend, because you already know a little bit about that person from their blog.

Anyhow we met up outside the shop and I was introduced to High Fashion a HUGE store in Houston that sells fabrics, patterns and notions.  I don't think I have ever seen such a large shop selling this stuff before.  In the UK I would think the largest store I have seen was only 1/8th of it floor space.

Us girls had fun wandering up and down the isles of fabrics both of us with hands stroking the fabrics as we walked by.  I think this is a thing most people do if they sew, fabric is so tactile.  We chatted about sewing and our lives as we wandered around this large store.

As my regular readers know I have the best provider of good fabrics from my local markets and sadly there is little competition when I see prices of $19.99 per yard v £1 per metre, so while it is lovely to see so many gorgeous fabrics all in one place (with labels on them explaining exactly what they are, I have to guess) the price tag tends to put me off.  What I did find however, was a glue basting stick, something I saw David P Coffin using in his DVD on shirt making so  I was quick to grab a couple of sticks of this glue because I haven't really seen it back in the UK.  My bargain buy (you know how much I love a bargain) were a bunch of patterns all marked down to just $1 each so I grabbed a bunch of patterns, which I had been looking at previously but hadn't bought and I left High Fashion a happy bunny.

We finished the evening sharing a bowl of pasta, designed for one person, but enough to feed a family of five, chatting over our sewing wish list (we both want to make a pair of jeans, and the Jalie pattern is high on the list) we also looked at Sigrid's bra making tutorial she is such a talent and we both expressed a whish to try that out.

Thanks for meeting up I really enjoyed my evening.  I have met quite a few sewing cyber buddies now, and if you get the opportunity, do it, because we all have one thing in common SEWING and you will never find you are lacking in conversation.

Catch you later...............................................................


  1. You are so lucky, business and pleasure in one go. Have a good trip. And bring back some goodies for us to see. (wedding dress fabric?)

  2. I love hearing about these meetups. What fun for you!

  3. I hope to one day meet a sewing blogger in real life too! How fun for you and the patterns for $1.00 a piece...awesome!

  4. Fun to be able to meet so many sewing friends all over the world.
    And to know my bra making tutorial is discussed on the other side of the planet.Glad you like it.