Thursday, 9 February 2012

lack of motivation/energy

Normally I would still be in London tonight, but I came home early with the express desire to do some sewing,  to get an extra few hours in before I fly to Houston on Monday, but I have been sitting at my desk all day working on my computer, got a stiff neck and just feel like falling asleep and its only 19:28 hours.

There are days when I go upstairs and can sit up there for hours on end, blissfully unaware of the time, only to realise its the early hours of the morning and a couple of hours past my normal bed time.  I bet there are quite a few of you out there that know exactly what I mean.

Why is it that the days when I can't sew because I have to work or be somewhere else really irritate me, but when I specifically go home earlier to do some sewing find I have run out of steam.

Sometimes life just isn't fair.........

Perhaps if I rest on the sofa for half an hour or so I will recharge my batteries and wander upstairs and get inspired.

Catch you later.........................


  1. I get that way some days and it irritates me. When I taught school, I only had limited number of hours to sew and it annoyed me if I missed them.

    Hope you are feeling more motivated and got some sewing done.