Saturday, 11 February 2012

Feeding time in the garden

grey squirrel
One of the things I love about my cottage is the bird feeder that sits right outside my lounge doors giving us a constant source of entertainment.

My D Mike wanted a telephoto lens for Christmas and this morning he was playing with his new toy and I wanted to share some of these delightful photographs.

Here is the naughty squirrel that knocked the lid off the seed feeder and was quite happy putting his head right inside the tube to help himself to the seed.

male woodpecker

This is one of a pair of woodpeckers that are frequent visitors to our feeder, this is the male because he has the red spot on the back of his head, whereas the female doesn't.
male woodpecker

 The food they seem to love most is what you can see him hanging from now - the problem is that I can only buy them in one shop which is about a 30 minute drive from my home.  Normally I stock up on these, and just because we have all the snow at the moment, of course I have run out and need to replenish my stocks.
Long tail tit

Last but not least the delightful little long tail tits.  These beautiful little birds look like little fluff balls flying around, and I always know when they are around because they have their own distinctive call, and the same can be said of the woodpeckers I can often hear them even if I can't see them.

Just this morning we have seen, woodpeckers, long tail tits, blue tits, great tits, robins, blackbirds, I also have a little Jenny wren but they are extremely shy and I don't see him/her very often.  I also have another little bird which I think is a bunting, which my D Mike has just confirmed.  


As I am typing this we have two wood pigeons who have just arrived, and one of the pair of resident doves that are in the garden.

Despite it being very cold today, the sun is out giving a winter wonderland look to the whole garden.

Catch you later..........................


  1. Aww that's so nice.... My mom would love this camera as she sits with a binoculars on the garden.. Xx

  2. Tell D Mike the pictures are fabulous. You certainly have a lot of birds for this time of the year. We have crows, magpies, and doves but will see the birds migrate in sometime in April.

  3. Lovely pictures-it is interesting to see different bird species. We have blue jays, many kinds of sparrows, Oregon juncos, finches, and now we are seeing lots of bald eagles.

  4. I am lucky in that we had lots of trees around where we live so that encourages the wildlife, plus our road isn't made up so again, not the volume of traffic passing - all this helps I am sure.

    I have just put out my own seedcake for them - they are so fussy, anything new always make

  5. Love this post and your hubby's photos. DH and I are also birders and it sure gets interesting out there some times! Love to watch the birds. Sometimes we see really big ones, owls, hawks, turkey buzzards, etc. It is very satisfying to know they find your little corner of the world a great place to stop and have a treat, even if it is a mouse.

  6. How exciting that some of you get things like eagles, buzzards. We do have a barn owl which I can hear very often but have only ever seen it once which is such a shame. We also have bats which I only see in the warmer months but they are fascinating.

    We too get the magpies (horrible things) and jays - there are alos a lot of big black crows that nest in the woodland opposite the cottage.