Saturday, 4 February 2012

Saturday's early start

I haven't really got too much to blog about, I have been working from home this week (in the flat) following my procedure on Monday.  Exercise has just been walking but I have done some each day, other than Friday when I packed my bike-bag and cycled to the station in -2c brrrrrrrrr it was chilly.

For some reason my D Mike woke up early, well not just early, but very very early 5:40am to be precise, and I couldn't get back to sleep, so here I am at 6:49am on a Saturday morning typing this blog.

Later this morning I am heading off to the Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft show with my friend Sandra, and I plan on meeting up with Rachel from House of Pinheiro there too.

It is bitterly cold here in the UK and equally so this morning, but thankfully the snow hasn't arrived yet - personally I hope it doesn't arrive at all - hate it.

Yesterday I took delivery of my San Francisco sourdough starter - I am not entirely sure what exactly is in the little packet, other than flour and water, hopefully a dried version of the original sourdough starter - so it is now sitting in the cupboard near to the boiler, along with Suzie (our other pet which seems to be quite happy).

One of the recent You Tube clips I saw used semolina in the proving basket and on the bread before popping the sourdough into the oven.  My sourdough loaf has been proving all night, so just in case it didn't turn out ok, I made a conventional loaf with the normal yeast, but proved it in the long basket and used the semolina.  We just had one slice with a cup of tea and wow, the semolina gives a fantastic crust to the loaf, which was still crusty this morning, so this might be a keeper.

Well its close to 7am now, and probably time for another cup of tea.  I have a few jobs to do before my friend arrives at 10am, so have a good Saturday and I will report back on the show later.

Catch you later........................

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  1. San Franciso sour dough starter is suppose to be the best starter going. It was the one I used many years ago when the kids and I made many loaves of sour dough bread.

    I haven't done my exercises for two days in a row but scrubbed most of the house in that time frame. I ache all over from doing it. But the house looks great except for where we are still renovating.

    Hope you had a great day.