Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sleep suit model - Alana

I braved the snow and popped round to deliver my DGD's sleep suit and a pair of enclosed PJ bottoms for her too.

And here she is modelling the outfit - she had only just got out of bed, from her afternoon nap, so still has her "bed-head" look on.

I used up some of the left over fabric to make these PJ pants with enclosed feet.

Here she is modelling them.

And here is the little sleep suit, no fear of her getting cold in the night now.

I still have a little bit of fabric left over and I am going to see if I can make a little hooded top for her out of it - I have some of bits of fleece that I can use to make up any shortfall.

Catch you later.....................


  1. What a cutie , these fleece sleepsuits are fab in the Winter.

  2. Thanks Lisa, I used to buy these for my children up until they were about 3, but my son and his wife said that they only see them up to around 1yr old, anything for her age are without the enclosed feet.....strange. Still when you can make them it doesn't matter.

  3. Two lovely warm pieces of clothing for a little angel. She certainly will keep warm in those on chilly winter nights. Great job on getting them done.

  4. She's darling in her footsy jammies.