Monday, 20 February 2012

Weight Loss Monday's - OMG I have put on

Well I didn't expect it to be good, especially as I have been in Houston all week and didn't manage to weigh myself last Monday before I left, but I have put on 1.5 lbs boo hoo.

Well this is a minor set back and I just need to get back on track so instead of saying I have lost -9lbs its back to -7lbs.

I am away for business again this week, and next Monday go into hospital for surgery - lets hope I am so knocked out that I don't eat for a few days and manage to repair the damage.

Onwards and (hopefully not upwards, but downwards).

Catch you later.....................


  1. Good luck with your surgery. I pray its uneventful and has a quick recovery. I wouldn't sweat the small gain, especially given the upcoming surgery. Your body needs everything it has to heal itself.

  2. Thanks bunny that is so sweet of you.