Thursday, 27 September 2012

Amusing coincidence - same fabric

Hi everyone, I am now back in my little cottage having been away from my sewing machine for nearly two weeks.

I thought I would share an amusing coincidence that happened to me today.  I was attending a conference today and decided to wear my blue and beige cowl neck top I made a couple of weeks ago with my navy suit, as you see here.

I registered at the reception, and grabbed a cup of tea and wandered into the auditorium to listen to the first lecture. To my utter surprise a lady came and sat next to me wearing a dress in the exact same fabric as the top that I made and was wearing.

When I purchased the fabric from the vendor he told us that this fabric was used in high-end fashion houses, but we have all heard that before, haven't we!

After the lecture I couldn't resist asking her where she purchased her dress.  She informed me that she thought it was Windsmoor or Country Casuals, but couldn't recall which one (probably purchased it a couple of years ago.  I was so tempted to say "let me look at the label in the back of your dress", but decided that a little decorum was in order.

I left the conference feeling quite smug, that my top cost me approximately £6 to make, which I would think was substantially cheaper than what she paid for her dress, especially if she purchased it from either of the two fashion brands she mentioned.  I did look on the Windsmoor and Country Casuals websites, and while I didn't see the exact fabric design, I did see lots of dresses made of the same type of jersey fabric, and all these dresses were around £100 + each.

I have this fabric in one other colour way, and it may well be on my sewing list for the weekend.

Catch you later..............

I have tagged this to the bottom of this post following an email from my good friend Sigrid.  Here you can see the same fabric made up into a top priced £55.00.  I cut my fabric on the bias so the squares look like diamonds on my top, purely because the fabric is draping in a different direction.

Here is my other top with the drape going the same as the top above.

Here is the dress the lady was wearing today, but this has short sleeves rather than 3/4 length that her's did.  However this is the same fabric in a different colour way that sigrid bought.  This dress which you can find on the site yourself if £99.00.

Happy days....................


  1. Lol what a fun confidence... I would be feeling quite smug too.. How fun

  2. And that is exactly one of the reasons we all love to sew - can't wait to see your next designer top whipped up!

  3. What a coincidence, even sitting next to someone wearing a dress with the same print. Your outfit definitely looks like it costs quite a bit as well.Such fun to know it's only a fraction of what you might think it was.

  4. Oh how fun, I'd be felling smug too!

  5. Ha, I love this. Not only did you make a beautiful blouse, but you probably had more fun than if you had been shopping for it. Win Win