Sunday, 30 September 2012

Kwik Sew 2948 - Thrift shop fabric

My dear twin sister is my 2nd set of eyes searching thrift shops or car boot sales for fabrics etc.

This navy fabric with a sort of chain effect design on it was one such purchase, and as time was short for this weekend's sewing I decided to repeat the Kwik Sew 2948 little twin set.

For this version I made a subtle change to the neckline of the vest by scooping it out a little lower.  To do this I simply cut the front piece using the original pattern, I then folded the front piece in half and using my French curve as a guide cut a lower neckline.  The reason I did this was because I thought the fabric was a little busy to have a high neckline.

I used my snaps again on the cardigan, but this time used a pretty pearlised snap.

The rest of my weekend's sewing was taking in a pair of navy crepe trousers that I made quite a long while ago and were absolutely massive - I unpicked the waistband, the back seam and inside leg seams.

Next I increased the size of the front darts, reduced the length of the front and back crotch seams using a pair of RTW trousers as a guide.   I then re-sewed the back seam and inside leg seams taking in 1/4" more on the seam allowance before sewing the waistband back on.  Because I had effectively taken the waist in by increasing the front dart, I had to move the eye part of the hook and eye fastener over.   I now have a pair of trousers that are wearable.

I had started a pair of panties before I went off on my work trip which were sitting unfinished  so I finished those off too.

My last job of this weekend is to cut out some shirts to take to the flat ready for me to sew when I feel like it.  Needless to say my recent 10 shirt marathon means that my D Mike isn't too desperate for new shirts but it is easier to have them cut out and bagged up ready to go when I want to..

Hope you have had a good weekend.  Catch you later............


  1. I really like the fabric and a good choice to lower the neckline on the vest.

    You certainly had a busy weekend and got lots of sewing done. Bravo!

  2. You are thrifty AND organized. Wow!