Monday, 3 September 2012

Blue camisole top to match my skirt - progress

Ok, as my D Mike said you blogged that you were going to do something so now you have to do what you say you are going to do!!...... Hmm that will teach me.

So last night I cut out Simplicity 4885 to use up the scraps of fabric I had left over from my skirt. I figured that if I made a little camisole top that it would enable me to change the look  from skirt blouse to a dress look with the camisole, but then I can wear the camisole and jacket with another future piece of this small collection.

I have been lucky with the princess seams in that both seam lines almost, (about 98%) line up with the skirt.

Here is my progress so far.  I made a few tweaks to the pattern.  There was a little bit of a gap along the front of this top which required me increasing the seam allowance at the top edge of the front princess seams and tapering back into the original seam about 2.5" down.

The other problem I had was that this fabric didn't have anywhere near the amount of ease that my lovely silk jersey had, so unfortunately I had to add a small strip in the back and put in the original zip as required by the pattern.

Not ideal I know, but I am claiming artistic licence on this (of course I meant for it to be a design feature) lol.

I haven't cut out and made the lining for this yet, job for Wednesday night, but I will have to line it because I can't wear wool against my skin without it irritating my skin.

Because I knew I had to make a few alterations to this top, I was sooooooo tempted to get on with the other blouse that I had cut out.  However I decided to get on and finish what I had started before starting another project.

I did a similar thing in my sewing room too.  Because its upstairs in the sort of loft conversion, its easy to just down tools, switch off the lights and then pick up where I left off.  Because I am the only one to go upstairs, there is a tendency for the room to get in as sort of pickle......  Having spent several hours cleaning up the room recently, I am trying to tidy up as I go along.  I have to say, it is lovely sewing in a nice tidy room.

That's me done for the night - have a good evening.

Catch you later.................


  1. A nice camisole and it will make a versitile top. I am long waisted and two piece dresses were my favourite. I had one I wore to death -- skirt, cami and blouse. It was the best.

    Still waiting to see all the pieces together. I think it is going to be an amazing wardrobe.

  2. So good of you to finish what you've started first. I'm very guilty sometimes to start several projects and one remains a ufo for a long time. I'm doing better though, will follow your example today and finish a bra first before cutting the jacket.
    Nice camisole.!

  3. Nice to see the progress and look forward to the final result.

  4. That's great discipline Pauline. I mean in finishing up what you started before moving on and cleaning the sewing room after its been used. I'm trying to do the same thing and am making progress too.