Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hello from Jakarta

Hi everyone
Thought I would give you a quick update on my travels.  I have now left Kuala Lumpur and am now in Jakarta, Indonesia. Here are a few pictures taken on my phone from my trip to KL.  As you can see I am wearing my blue Linton Tweed skirt, black cardigan from my twinset, and the blouse I made.

I am standing in the restaurant of the Hyatt Hotel which overlooks the fabulous Petronas twin towers. I confess it did make my stomach turn a little looking down because we were very high up - see the pictures below.

Sadly, I have had no shopping time, so left KL with no fabric purchases.  Fingers crossed I may get an hour to myself tomorrow, but I have a full day, and then have a 20 hour trip home, so I am not too hopeful.

Hope you are all sewing up a storm



  1. ohh fingers cross you get to shop.. enjoy your trip darling

  2. You could always 'accidently' miss your flight.....

  3. Wow, even your photos of the height made my legs weak. I do hope you get to do some shopping!

  4. Cool photos. Are you there on business?

  5. Hi Pauline! Thank you for posting these pics and allowing me to live vicariously through luck finding time to shop!

  6. Oh, I'm dizzy! what a fortunate trip...have a safe return.