Saturday, 22 September 2012

Back Home

Hi readers I am now back in the UK and boy it feels a little chilly compared to KL and Jakarta.

One of my work colleagues flew out on a new A380 airbus, whereas I flew out on one of their older planes, but I was lucky enough to experience this massive plane on my return trip last night and it was a great experience, especially as I was fortunate enough to fly business class.

Yesterdays trip home started at 4pm Jakarta time (10am UK time) and I arrived home this morning (Sat) at 8am - it was a very long flight home, 22 hours in total.

This was a busy work trip.  I left London Sunday evening, arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Monday evening, on Thursday afternoon I left the office to fly to Jakarta, and then left Jakarta Friday for my trip home......exhausting and I didn't get any time to go fabric shopping, sob sob.

So I am unable to show you any wonderful pictures of my shopping spree, but here are a couple of images of Jakarta - These were all taken from the office window and this landscape stretches for miles and miles.  The bottom left photo is a typical image of the traffic conditions and the hundreds of motorcycles on the road.  It took us one and half hours to get back to the airport because we were constantly stuck in gridlocked traffic.

To make up for my disappointment of not buying ANY FABRIC this week, my D Mike has said he will come with me to Goldhawk Road - that is true love..............  Catch you later.


  1. Always good to be back home... you'll have to explain the excitement behind "Goldhawk Road" to me (remember us Aussies are not all that savvy!!!)...

  2. Judith, Goldhawk road is meant to be another fabric shopping haven in London (yet to be discovered by my good self - I'll report back on it later today (I hope).

  3. Look like a lovely place.. i need to fabric shop.. lets meet up !

  4. I will not complain about traffic again after seeing that picture! Glad your trip went well and sad to hear you got no goodies, but may Goldhawk rd be good to you today.

  5. Glad you had a good trip; sad you got no fabric. But I await the results of you Goldhawk Road trip.