Sunday, 13 March 2011

Burda 8153 nearly finished

I have almost finished the Burda blouse leaving just the buttonholes to do, but its 9:15pm and Mike is going off on a course this week, so I really need to spend some sofa time with him.
Here are the photos during the different stages of production:-

Here you can see the thread marking for the centre front and fold lines. I confess that sometimes I just clip the top and bottom end where the fold line is, but this was quite quick to sew (large tacking stiches through the pattern - then clipped through the middle of each tack before lifting the pattern).

Here you can see the centre front lines. - as above, easy to see and quite easy to remove.

Collar just waiting to be topstitched. I used the shirt interfacing that I purchased from Gill Arnold for the collar and cuffs - it is very stiff - I am sure it will soften after washing - lets see!

Topstiching on the sleeves and the shoulder seams.
The pattern didn't call for this, but I was following the stitching on one of Mike's Ted Baker shirts here.  I like the finish and it keeps the serged seams inside nice and flat.

All finished except for the buttonholes.  I may buy some of my favorite trim but in white with a blue dash for inside the collar.  Hope to finish this tomorrow because I need to think about what I will make to wear for my sister's 60th party and dinner (that means two outfits).


  1. I really like your shirt. This is something I need to make for myself. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to make for your sister's party and dinner.


  2. Hi Jane
    thanks - following your comment's on Carolyn (cmarie12) blog I was looking at her blog - you are right its so good - puts me to shame but I am trying to make it interesting and more helpful - there are some brilliant blogs out there and you pick up so many tips too.

    Happy sewing - best get my thinking hat on - only have between today and Thursday night to run something up.