Wednesday, 16 March 2011

matching cardigan to go with Vogue 2980

So someone suggested making my jacket reversible, and giving it some thought I came up with the perfect pattern to use
 I have made this up before, but altered the pattern to use it with some fleece type fabric, so I didn't mind the extra width with the stretch knit because I wanted a more flowing type cardigan.

So this is the end result and I think I am happy with my new ensemble (ignore the black pants) I intend to wear this with either brown pants or a brown skirt - am thinking another Sandra Betzina skirt with a suede trim.

Sadly I only had enough fabric to cut one sleeve in the lining fabric so I didn't line the sleeves - but hemed the raw edge of the lining and finished the sleeve edges by hand to give a nice neat finish and I included a couple of shoulder pads to give a better shape.

For the rest of the lining, I just more or less used the bagging method by putting right sides together and stiching completely around the neck, front and bottom edges and then turned the jacket through one of the sleeve openings.

I have to say the outfit is so comfortable to wear so now the question is can I do half day's work, get my hair done and run up a skirt by tomorrow night ----- think this may be a tall order even for me, however my D Mike has to leave at 6:30am tomorrow, so I could get a couple of hours in before work ..................  lets see what happens.


  1. So talented!!! Look forward to seeing the skirt. Have a great trip.

  2. hmmm not sure I will have time now, however I did find some lilac fabric and was thinking a dress for the party as its going to be at her home and we don't have to brave the cold weather.

  3. Would lining sleeves in plain lining fabric work? Light shade to match background? Would slip over a knit sleeve easier? Otherwise great look.