Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Vacation = sewing providing the sun isn't shining

I booked 6 working days off starting last Friday.  It was my sister’s 60th birthday so I and my other two sisters travelled up to Scotland to join her for the celebrations, and a nice weekend was had by all.

I didn’t arrive home until late Monday night so this only left me yesterday and today for catching up on many jobs I have stored up at home, and to take advantage of sewing time but there is always something that scuppers any best laid plans – SUNSHINE.

So just as I was thinking about my next sewing project, the sun kept tapping on my window to tell me it was warm, dry and the perfect time to get out into the garden and give the lawn its first cut since the autumn.

While it was disappointing that I couldn’t get on with my sewing, it sure did feel good to have the sun warming up my bones and I managed to get the lawn cut, some plants cut back and those dead brown leaves picked up in some parts of the garden.  So you think, well that didn’t take all day, so when did you start sewing – I didn’t – I made that big mistake of opening my work laptop and looked at my e.mails – 4 hours later……………………………………………

So today is a new day – can you believe it, the sun is shining again so I am thinking I need to get out on my bike, even if its to run around the block and back before I take myself upstairs. 

I still had other jobs to do – filing, paying bills etc., but its now 12:30pm – am going off for a bike ride and then dedicating the rest of the day baking bread and sewing because tomorrow my darling Mike and I are off to Birmingham for two exhibitions – one on building your own home, and more important the Sewing for Pleasure expo ---------- yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

More later.

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