Monday, 14 March 2011

Burda Blouse completed

I have now finished my Burda blouse.  I recycled buttons from one of MD Mike’s Ted Baker shirts and bought some nice blue trim to line the inside edges of the collar and the front.

I borrowed some of Mike’s cufflinks to try out my buttonhole placements and they work out fine.

What would I do differently?

1.    Make the sleeves slightly shorter
2.   Probably make the cuffs slightly smaller too.
3.   I feel the shoulders were a little big, so I think for the top half of the blouse I need to cut it a size smaller (especially when using a fabric with a slight stretch)

 See the blue trim that runs around the inside of the collar and down the inside front - I have seen some shirts, that pick up the colour in the trim on just one button at the top of the shirt ---hmmm nice idea.  the trim has two rows of white running stitch going through it - but doesn't show up too well in these photos.


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  1. Wow...what beautiful work! You are really into details...I'm jealous!