Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday 13th March - Perfect Weekend

So I have to say yesterday was almost the perfect start to the weekend.

As previously mentioned MD Mike and I woke rather early and after what we commonly call “faffing” (reading books/papers, surfing the net, while having a nice cup of tea and toast and marmite- all in bed of course) we got up because we were going to babysit my DGD Alana while mum and dad did a few errands.  Let me tell you grandchildren are complete time-wasters; you get absolutely nothing done while they are around.

Once our little family had departed, we had decided that the sunshine streaming through the windows was just too good an opportunity for us to dust the cobwebs off the cycles and go to do the weekend shop. 
I have to tell the readers that we kitted our bikes out with saddlebags especially for this job and while the kids think we are mad because we have two sports cars and a 4x4 between the two of us, we prefer to use the bikes when we can.

So off we went, completely filled 4 large saddlebags, one front basket and even tied another plastic bag to the back of the saddle with our food shopping.  The weather was just so beautiful, we decided to cycle home, unload and go off again. 
We took our normal route which avoids a lot of the traffic and changed it slightly to see where a certain direction took us.  To my amazement we arrived at a parade of shops hosting a very well respected butcher. 

Ever since I made my first batch of sausages, I have been wanting to source the sausage casings from a local butcher rather than getting them online.  I found one butcher that would supply them, but he didn’t have any in stock.  I put on a brave face, walked into the shop and asked if he would supply me some – long story short, I saw a thyme plant on the counter, he went off to get the sausage casings and when he returned I said I would take the plant too – can you believe he only charged me for the plant.  The total cost was half the cost of the online casings and the casings would make 30 feet of sausages much more than the previous ones – so our little cycle outing paid off in more ways than one.

We must have been out in total for over 2 hours, and when we dismounted from the bikes the air was filled with moans and groans from both of us.  I thought I was a little fitter than MD Mike because I have been trying to run a few times a week and do some weights – but it’s always the same when you do a new exercise – boy do you feel it!!!

So last night MD Mike had to go home to collect any post that was festering in his post box, deal with the content and then be in town early today to meet his son to look at potential accommodation for him near to his college.  While it is always sad for me when he has to go away or home, because we are so used to staying together now, it is also great  because I have the rest of the day today to finish my Burda blouse, and potentially tidy my sewing room.

What I did do before I went to bed was to put some fabric in the washing machine  and separately preshrink my interfacings as per the following instructions:-

1. Fill the bathtub with enough hand-hot water to cover the fabric,

2.Immerse the interfacing into the water and leaving them until the water cools down (do not agitate the fabric in the water because it can loosen the adhesive)

3.Once water is cool, drain the water from the bathtub

4.Lift each piece and let all the water drain off and then wrap in a bath towel to take up the extra water
5.Place somewhere for them to dry – I use these foam pipe insulators over the bath see pictures – plus you can pop them on the washing line and hang the fabric over them to stop you getting the line marks on the fabric.

So these they are ready for use – especially the collar and cuff one (white) to use in my burda blouse.
haning between the edge of the bath see exposed pipe insulator

 So here is the foam pipe insulator (they come in a pack of 5 priced £4.99) on my washing line outside - it prevents the line marks appearing on the fabric if you dry outside.

Other sewers – do you find the same as me – there is always the opportunity cost of time:– sewing v tidying -------- Because I leave it so long, tidying will always be a big job, but of course there are some efficiencies to be found if everything is tidy and I can lay my hands on the things I want/need, when I want or need them, and I will not be wasting time looking – moral delema.

Right I am off to sew – more later.

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