Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tailoring - step-by-step guide to creating beautiful customized garments

So this is a warning to anyone, like me, looking for books to perfect their tailoring techniques.

 I saw on PR The Classic Guide to Sewing the perfect Jacket - Tailoring on amazon, one of the ladies in the Netherlands purchased this book and raved about it - I took a quick look and thought yep just what I am looking for.

 So Amazon being Amazon recommends other books and I saw Tailoring, a step-by-step guide to creating beautiful customized garments and thought I'll get the two.

 To my horror when they arrived - different cover, different titles, different publisher, different price - BUT THE SAME BOOK.  What a con.  First I have to say, the books are great, but needless to say you don't need two.  Because in the not too distant future, MD Mike and I will be living half the time in London and half in the country, I have decided to keep them both and take one to London with me.  But as soon as he gets his new ipad, I have been promised the hand-me-down, and I confess it may be worth me sending one back and getting it in ebook form to use on the ipad.

Still despite being a Saturday, we both were awake by 7am (an hour lay-in compared to during the week) so have been looking at PR site, watching some of the Power Sewing archives on the Sandra Betzina's website and we are eagerly waiting the arrival of my beautiful DGD Alana so we can babysit for an hour or so while mum and dad go off and do some shopping.

Plan on finishing my Burda blouse I cut out and started during the week and if I get a chance will tidy my sewing room and think about my next projects.

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