Sunday, 6 March 2011

Helen the hippopotamus

I am pleased to present Helen the hippopotamus.  As mentioned in my previous post this was from a 28yr + old pattern that I purchased when my children were little and decided to use it to make my darling granddaughter Alana one for her 1st birthday (in July).  For a change I thought I would get slightly better prepared than I normally do, especially as I want to make her a special cake too.

  Helen's tutu is made from white cotton with both edges serged and then finished with serger lace (this is where you use the differential feed and adjust it while you serge over previous rows of serging.
I then attached the frill
to some white ribbon.

Eyes and lips were cut from some fleece - I glued the lips on and then for double baby-proof protection stitched them too.

So here is the label I popped over the seam - "To Alana on your 1st Birthday love Nana P" - wanted to make this another heirloom
piece - lets hope she likes it and isn't frightened by her size.

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