Monday, 14 November 2011

6 Blinds in one day phew......................

Well I did it.  I sewed 6 Roman blinds in one day.  I am typing this at a stupid hour 20 minutes past midnight, I have a stiff neck where I have been hunched over my sewing machine, but I did it, and I need to unwind a little before I go to bed.

Sadly I ran out of tape (the tape you sew from left to right and thread the cord through to pull the blind up and down), but as soon as my kits arrive tomorrow morning, so will the much needed tape.  Fortunately I only need to sew the tape onto two of the blinds, but I do have to sew the Velcro to the top of all the blinds, but that is a 10 minute x 6 (approx 1 hour job).  So I guess I have about 2 hours work tomorrow and then I have finished them all and they can go up to London for fitting and I can tick another job off my list.

So I need to take myself off to bed and think about what I am going to sew for myself next.  Ideally my next item will incorporate some piping so I can use my new foot, and my new found technique to produce my own piping so watch this space.

Good night, more later..................................

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  1. Hi Pauline. You asked about bias tape and snaps. I do make my own bias tape out of scraps. I usually just make it when I need it. If I store some ahead of time ,I just forget about it being there. As for the snaps, I follow instructions on the package . Sometimes it works better than others. I use a hammer and I've found that it's better to pound harder rather than not enough. You have to be able to hear that snap sound or you know you haven't hit it hard enough. But I do hate applying them. I only do when I feel the garment absolutely would look better with snaps than buttons. Hope that helps!