Saturday, 5 November 2011

Jalie 2805 ideal in lace for Christmas parties

I love the Madeleine fashion range and they have picked up the lace theme like all the other designers and I really love this particular look. 

Having successfully completed my first Jalie 2805 I kept thinking this would look great in black lace with either a nude underlining or a black camisole underneath.  You know sometimes when you go out near to Christmas and want to look a little glamorous, but its getting cold, exposed shoulders are only going to get covered up with a shawl, so I think this is the perfect compromise - a sexy lace turtle/polo neck.

I have already mentioned before how quick this top is to make, I would say it takes just over an hour from start to finish, made entirely on the serger, and I think it worked even better with a textured fabric rather than a plain knit and here is the result of my hour's work. Below on Edna with some pearls.

Here you can see I used the edge of the fabric for the cuff end of the sleeve - I wanted them long and sheer - I think that it worked out well.

I have some more of the black lace left over, and have some plain black knit in my stash (somewhere) which I would like to use to make the same top with a plain back and front and just the sleeves in lace.

Sadly I didn't get as much sewing done today as I wanted - we had to go looking at washing machines, fridge freezers and tumble dryers with my daughter.  I also have  9 for lunch tomorrow, so decided to prep the veg, and make some cakes to cut down on the amount of work I need to do tomorrow.

Hopefully I can get a quick project done before they all turn up - if I can find the black knit in my stash, while I have the black in my serger it will save me rethreading the serger.

More later................................


  1. Looks great! Do you wear a purchased cami underneath for modesty? I have two pieces of black stretch lace, one more sheer than the other and am very interested in these looks.

  2. Ruthie, this was just an old cami, that probably came with another top - you know places like Primark and Matalan do these cami tops for about £2 so is debatable if its worth trying to make it yourself, however can't take that long.

    Really I guess it would look better with one of those sort of slip bras so you get the shaping of the cups etc

  3. Lovely! What a nice interpretation of your inspiring picture.
    Think you just inspired me and I now know what to do with some dark blue lace I have.

  4. Hi I really love this , I have some stretch black lace that I have had a while in my stash and I was struggling to find ideas. I may be copying your ideas some !! Great blog by the way . I love reading blogs from other Brits as we seem to be in the minority on Pattern review !

  5. Pauline,
    I love this lace top...a super great look for the holidays. I'm picturing it in a bronzy-gold with a black cami underneath. Like Lisa said, I love seeing what you Brits are up to on PatternReview. Thanks again...dorcas

  6. Lisa

    happy you found some idea's I think everyone who creates a blog gives ideas - I too get lots from other blogs.

    Good luck with your stash

  7. Love your lace top. They are very popular here with either a cami or a sleeveless tank top underneath it. I haven't been able to find any stretch lace locally so will look in March when I go to a very large fabric store about 4 hour drive from here.
    Can hardly wait to see your next version.