Sunday, 27 November 2011

A rare chance to relax

I just had to put a post up about my lovely weekend with my D Mike. Because we had plans to go to the theatre and meet up with work colleagues (past and present) on Saturday night, we didn't go back to the cottage, but spent our first weekend in London together.

Mike had to go to Frankfurt for the day on Friday, and sadly didn't get home until late Friday night, so our weekend kicked off with a nice leisurely morning. We are very lucky in that we have a fantastic artisan bakery just 5 minutes away and they sell the best bread in the world, in particular sour dough bread. Mike dashed off to purchase some bread while I put the kettle on for tea. Once back the bread was cut and popped into the toaster.......... Hmmmmmmmmmm delicious.

Now the flat contains a lot of glass - glass worktops, glass walls, and lots of big glass windows. When I was out exploring on Friday I saw a janitorial supplies shop, so I suggested that we take our bikes and see if we can buy some industrial size blue cleaning rolls, and window rubber squeegee, and some of those micro fibre cleaning clothes that are really great. Now we only have two small fold-up bikes, and the smaller items went into my bag ok, however Mike had to carry 6 x giant size paper rolls (poor thing) - however we did laugh all the way home.

The next couple of hours were spent cleaning windows inside and out, mopping floors before we set off for the theatre to see Rock of Ages. It was a very funny light hearted show which we both enjoyed and as most of the songs are from the 1980's I seemed to know all of them which only goes to show that the 80's were a focal point in my life. We left the theatre and went direct to the pub where we were meeting all my work colleagues and then on to the restaurant for dinner - end of day one, which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Today we had what we both call a "faffing" morning - tea and toast in bed, looking out our favourite blogs and web sites, and more important searching out our local pubs and restaurants for a traditional Sunday Roast. Ironically we found somewhere right on our doorstep, somewhere that we have walked past and never given a thought of going into called Medcalf  in Exmouth Market. We had a fabulous meal and have added this to an ever growing list of restaurants we now love to go to.

To finish our day off we went to see the Immortals.  Not for everyone I guess, but we enjoyed it.  We found a couple of Boris bikes right outside the cinema, and hopped on them and was home in just 5 minutes. I love my little cottage in the country, but I am blown away at how much you just have on your doorstep living in London.  Go to the cinema from the cottage involves a car ride to the cinema, trying to find somewhere to park and then the drive home.  Today's adventure was a 15 minute walk to the cinema and a 5 minute bike ride home, mostly down hills.............fab.

I think that I can speak on behalf of both of us.  This was like a mini weekend away, enjoying what London has to offer but still able to enjoy the comforts of home.  Thanks Mike I had a lovely, special weekend.

Back to the cottage tomorrow morning, looking forward to seeing my beautiful little granddaughter tomorrow and getting on with some sewing.

More later...................

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  1. Your weekend sounds just lovely. Lucky you to be seeing your grand-daughters. My little one is so far away!!