Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Blinds completed and hanging

Thank goodness - I have not only finished the blinds but now got them hung as well.

I was pleased I managed to line up all the stripes especially as the blinds were all hanging next to each other - the pink tinge is from the light/camera the true colour of the blind is the same as the kitchen blind.

The kitchen blind is fake, doesn't go up or down but fits in with the others as the flat is open plan.

I also managed to finish the last cushion see above.  Lots of my friends call me Paul, and the 2011 is to remind us when we moved in. Below are the other two cushions in location together the purchased cushions.  And last but not least the covered headboards, scatter cushions and blind for the bedroom.

Hooray - I can now get on with some nice me sewing on Friday, however I am giving the bedroom a little more thought - too much of the silk on the bed, so may have to make another couple of cushions perhaps like the embroidered and patchwork ones.

More later.....................................

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