Monday, 7 November 2011

Weight Loss Monday + 1lb (bad week)

Well I knew that if I didn't do any exercise that I couldn't expect to lose any weight, and indeed I put on 1lb this week.

I was a little lax last week - first I wasn't on my bike because I had to drive the 120 mile round trip to work last week so there was 0 exercise.

Yesterday I cooked a massive Sunday lunch - slow roast belly of pork with all the trimmings, followed by courgette cupcakes to have with a cup of tea in the afternoon - they were too good, plus M Darling Mike loves smoked mackerel pate which is made with double cream to be eaten for supper....................I know I know, too many excuses and I will be taking my bike out today to make up for all this so hopefully I can work extra hard this week and have a much better result for next Monday.

Lorraine Kelly is starting her Real Woman's little black dress diet this week so perhaps this website will dish out some good ideas and recipes.  Also they showed a picture of Dawn French   an English comedienne who has lost about 4stone in weight - she looks fabulous.  So lots to keep me motivated, just need to stay focused on the end goal.  As Ann from Everything Sewing said we both want to enter a SWAP (sewing with a plan) competition but not sure how to do this.

I have the day off today, so intend on doing some sewing too I have cut out a Vogue pattern which I want to try and make up today, between going to the dentist, having my nails done (a rare treat for me) dropping my car into the garage for some repairs and eventually cycling to the train station to get up to the flat.

As always more later.......................................


  1. Good luck this week on your weight loss. I know you can do it.
    I got the pattern out for my first piece of SWAP and I think I am going to lengthen it an inch. All the pieces are ready to otherwise. Next - read the pattern. It is a Jalie pattern.

  2. Ann we will have to motivate each other - thanks for you words of encouragement

  3. Hi pdiddly - re your question on the Jalie parka:
    I wish I had kept track of how much time I put into this (or maybe not!). It took me almost a week, some time in the evenings and a good Saturday, so I would estimate I traced, cut, sewed, put on snaps, etc. for 12-14 hours. That doesn't include shopping for fabric and notions.

    It sounds like a lot when you add it all up! But I suppose you could call it 2 or 3 pairs of jeans' worth of time...

  4. Joy

    thanks for your reply - I really think you have done a fantastic job, and fancy trying this out, but need to make sure I set aside enough time.

    Well done you.