Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Damp day for cycling today & PR

Well I am back on my bike this week, I did several bike trips yesterday amounting to approximately 90 minutes in total, and again today totalling approximately and hour, so a good start to the week.

I am quite proud of myself cycling in the UK in November.  I confess the weather is still quite mild, and I do get quite hot when I am cycling, so it is nice not to feel like I am going keel over from the heat.  This morning when I changed in the office restrooms, my legs were quite pink from the cold, and a little damp because I didn't wear my protective trousers, but I really felt refreshed, but more important, hopefully busting those calories and reducing my hips.

I have to make reference to a  fantastic Jacket I saw on Pattern Review today the Jalie 2008 Lined parka  created by Joy.  Click her name to see her blog showing this jacket.  I have only just found Jalie and been really really impressed, and her rendition of this jacket has set me thinking whether or not I can create something suitable for cycling with my bike.

The biggest challenge will be finding the fabric which may take a time to find what I need, it has to be suitable for maximum visibility on my bike. I would also need to shape the back similar to other biking jackets.

More later...................................


  1. You can order specialist outdoor fabrics from http://www.pennineoutdoor.co.uk/ who do mail order.

  2. Ohhhh thanks Ruthie will look it up - you are forcing me to make it now ha ha

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