Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Another Jalie pattern 2805

That's it, its official, I love Jalie patterns - well I love both patterns I have tried so far.

My D Mike is away in Germany so I am at my little cottage, abandoned by my partner and my daughter so I have had the house and the evenings to myself (she said smiling).

Last night I burned the midnight oil by sewing a pair of my TNT pants in a lovely blue herringbone.  I had good intentions of wearing them for my lecture today, but at the last minute I decided to wear a skirt and fishnet tights, blouse and some lovely Hobbs shoes. Well the sun was shining today and there may not be many more opportunities to expose my legs..................

Still I digress, Monday I took receipt of my tracing paper I ordered from Graphics Direct Ltd.  Up until now, I have saved the tissue paper that I have found in my Ikea packaging (this has worked really well up until now) and any other tissue paper I come across, however I can't keep buying furniture just for the tissue paper, so I had to give in and purchase some.

Some of the wonderful ladies on the Stitcher's Guild Sewing Forum suggested the best paper for tracing off patterns (and you need to do this with Jalie) is the Bienfang Sketching Detail Paper (10041124) and furthermore it was also suggested that the canary yellow paper was easier to trace off the patterns than the white paper.  So armed with my information, and using Google as my search engine, I compared prices, suppliers etc and found what I wanted, and ordered it.

The first stage of making my top was to trace off the pattern pieces from Jalie 2805. 

 I am going make the polo/turtle neck version (bottom left) but with a long sleeve.  There are only 5 pattern pieces, back (cut on fold), front (cut on fold), 2 sleeves and the collar.

You know I said the other Jalie top was quick, well this is quicker.  One of the ladies on PR said that has to be the quickest best turtle-neck she has ever made............ she was right.

And here is the end result.  If I was being picky I can see the teeny tiniest tuck in the collar, but in view of the fact that this was made so quickly and with my usual £1 metre fabric I have very little to complain about.

I used a light-weight 3 way stretch and its worked really well.  I have tried to take a photo of myself (not good sorry) so took one of the top on Edna to give you a better idea.

This will definitely be another TNT pattern.

For anyone interested I found some little DVD's on the Jalie website showing you how to sew stretch fabric if you haven't got a serger.

More later.............................


  1. Looks great! Interested in the yellow tracing paper. I have some sheets leftover from moving house, but I tape them together to make them big enough to do anything and its a bit of a pain. I've heard very good things about the canary yellow paper in the wide width. I'd love to hear how you find it works, and I suppose I'll then give in and order some for myself.

  2. Ruthie it works really well so I can recommend it. I chose the widest width I could get too.

  3. Thankyou for posting the link to the paper. I have been searching for some for ages and I was unsure which to buy and from where. That seems a really good deal .I love your top that's a great colour.