Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My Knock Off lace twin-set completed

Do you remember me posting a photograph of this set from the Madeleine fashion range of this lace cardigan and matching lace top.  The two pieces cost 10p short of £170.

Last week I traced around a RTW cardigan and made this sort of wearable muslin (which I have worn for work) and it looked lovely on (sorry nobody around to take a picture of me).

So I wanted to do the same cardi again, but the black lace one above is clearly longer, so I added 2" to the length of the body and this is what I have come up with.

Above are the two pieces together, and left just the cami top on its own made using McCalls 5978.

Needless to say I will not be wearing a white bra like Edna.

I didn't have enough lace to make both the cami and the cardi completely from lace, so found a nice black knit that works really well with each other.

For the neck edge of the cami top, and the sleeves of the cardi, I used an elastic lace.  This was serged on to the cami neck edge, right-sides together, and then top-stitched using a conventional machine.  I also used the same method on the sleeve edges.  It wasn't used for its elastic properties, but more for the lace edge.

The original cardi called for a self bias trim, so using my now very popular continuous bias binding method I took a 6" square to create some bias trim out of the same lace used for the cardi.

I serged it, right sides together round the area required - from the first front point left front, round the back neck edge to the second front point.  I then gave myself a marker on the serger foot, used that as a guide and serged the raw edge before turning it under and top stitching using my Bernina giving this result.

Again following the RTW example, I serged a rolled hem for the bottom edge of the cardi.

I found some cheap pearls - not white (they are at the flat) but it gives an idea of the final look.

You may recall that the first thing I made from this black lace was my Jalie 2905 which will also work well with the lace cardi, especially for those colder winter nights when a sleeveless cami top with lace cardi may well be still a little cold.

The three items cost less than £10 so quite a saving from the original items.

So that completes another item on my to do list. Next month I am flying to Dubai for work, but will be going to the Burj Al Arab hotel for a special dinner.  This is one of Dubai's most famous hotels, so I need to look as good as I can.  I am really thinking about wearing my twin set, I have some fab black shoes I bought in Macy's a few years ago, so I now need to decide if I make a skirt or an evening pair of pants to go with the twin set.

Burj Al Arab

  I did manage to complete another two squares for Alana's quilt today, and I have found some pretty lemon cotton that will be perfect with the white but that will have to wait for when I post up the finished item.

Time for bed and a couple of pills to kill this sore throat.

More later...................................


  1. Gorgeous items from the lace and for a fabulous price. You are going to look like one classy lady for your special night out.
    Get well soon. Or maybe I should say Kill that bug immediately and stay well.

  2. I really like the way you have used two fabrics on your top. It really solves the see through showing your bra thing!! The twinset is gorgeous.

  3. Lisa, Ann thanks for your comments - I am really pleased with it, however I have to confess that the black fabric was to make up for a slight shortage in the lace due to me making the polo/turtle neck top first - but ironically came out better than I hoped for.

  4. I love this twinset so much that I just might have to copy it. But I promise I won't show up in Dubai at the same time. Wow, sounds like a fabulous trip and you'll look fabulous.

  5. Jane, I am flattered that you would want to copy it. Yes I am excited about Dubai

  6. Your 3-piece set looks wonderful. Does certainly look like the expensive version.