Thursday, 19 January 2012

BERNINA presser feet

I was very fortunate for Christmas and my birthday to receive gift vouchers for my local sewing shop.

I had recently obtained a copy of the David P Coffin shirt making book and DVD and want to use some of his methods, which require a lap seam foot, in addition to which, I have my jeans project on my "to do" list, and a straightstitch hemmer foot.

The first voucher I was given, with a £40 face value,  I purchased machine feet for my Bernina, however I managed to spend nearly £90 that day, an extra £50...........................

I received another £40 voucher for my birthday, so went back into the shop today during my lunch hour and managed to spend another £95, £55 on top of the voucher....................

I purchased 3 machine feet, a pack of Olfa blades (I am really getting into using my rotary cutter to cut out my pattern pieces) and I also used DPC's suggestion of using your large rulers and French curves etc to hold down the pattern as weights.  I did this for the pants I made recently (will post about those later) and it worked really well, especially with the length of a pant leg.  I also purchased an air erasable marker pen, an extra shelf for my machine accessory box to hold my machine feet, and a can of air spray to clean away the build up of fibres on my serger. Oh isn't so easy to spend money sob sob (so much for being thrifty) ha ha still I justify this expense by saying 1. they will last for a very long time and 2. I get my fabrics at such bargain prices.

I found the following clips on You Tube, kindly put up by Bernina, but quite useful reference points on using the new feet I have purchased.  I am going to go through my other machine feet and see if I can find some more.

Here is the clip for the narrow straightstitch hemmer foot.  This can be used for hemming shirts and sheer fabrics.

Here is the clip for the  Bernina lap seam foot typically used for sportswear, jeans or shirts.  I bought both the narrow and the larger one as I need one for jeans and a smaller one for shirts.

I hope you find these useful.  I am going to go and see if I can console my credit card..........

Catch you later................................


  1. Sewing machine feet are expensive so it is easy to go way over budget. I truly love the ones I have -- invisible zipper foot, stitch in the ditch, and edge foot are my favourite. My best buy was a Christmas pack of 6 gold feet for $60.00 (50% off the regular price).
    I like canned air also to clean my serger. I will buy Olfa blades when they are 50% off and need one for my big cutter. I don't cut patterns out with one though I know of people who do. Do you use a small blade for that?

  2. Ann I use both the large and small cutter, depending on what I am cutting, so for example a small curve I use the smaller blade. Using the cutters is still really new to me but I think I I get a better cut.

    I am lucky in that I have a large cutting mat that used to be my fathers - it must be 20+ years old now.