Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturday Morning - nothing to wear tonight!!!

OK.  Its Saturday morning, cold frost outside and my D Mike is taking me to our favourite hotel and restaurant today for the last part of my birthday treats, and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!

I know you may be thinking I have seen everything you have been making on your blog, but I want something new and special.  My red satin shirt felt so lovely to wear on Wednesday night, I am thinking perhaps using one of the silks that my sister bought in Vietnam, or the ones I bought in Dubai.  I also have the silk organza fabric I bought in Leather Lane (the one in black) and I also have that lovely black and silver print sandwiched between the white and silk organza, or this lovely red and melon silk I bought in KL. decisions decisions I will go up to my sewing room and select the pattern and then the fabric, but I am think scarf neck blouse.

Catch you later.........................


  1. Wow, gorgeous fabrics. That red flower silk is to die for. Have fun stitching!

  2. Can hardly wait to see what you create. Hard to choose which fabric as they are so nice.