Friday, 20 January 2012

Sourdough Bread

For the past week I have been feeding a natural yeast starter made from flour and water to enable me to make my own sourdough bread.  There are lots of different You Tube clips so have a look for yourself, but this is the one I used.

I had to improvise on the cooking pot (I didn't have an ovenproof one, so used to deep baking trays using one for the lid.  I also had to adjust the baking times and temperature.

I let my loaf prove for approximately 6 hours and it did the same in the clip above, and then popped the loaf in the oven to cook while we were eating dinner tonight.  We cooked it for 20 minutes covered and I think this is what creates that wonderful crust (sort of steams itself) and then another 30 minutes with the lid off which browns it off.  We couldn't wait any longer than 15 minutes before cutting it and it was still a little warm but the crust was to die for and once it cooled down we managed to polish off almost half the loaf - delicious.

Excuse the voiceover, its my first and if I do any more, I hope to do them a little better, but just listen to that crust.   I have another loaf proving over night - this one will have around 10 or more hours so I hope it doubles in size and we get more bubbles.


  1. Sourdough bread reminds me of when our children were young (6 and 7 years old). We bought San Franciso sour dough starter and made bread while reading The Little House books. We had so much fun doing that. Wish I could find that starter now; it was a dry mixture of yeast spores.

  2. Ann I have seen some adverts for San Francisco sour dough starter. I popped another one in to prove while we were in bed last night and that have bubbled up, want to give it a bit longer this time to increase the size of the bubbles - will be no good for my diet that is for sure.