Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Its my birthday today and I was woken with a lovely cup of tea and birthday presents from my D Mike.

We are both fans of all the cooking programs you see on the TV, and we both love to cook.  I had mentioned that I wanted a special chopping knife and the first gift I opened was the very knife I wanted.  My 2nd gift is what I am typing this post on.  I am now the lucky owner of a brand new Mac Book Air.

We have looked at them a few times when we go into the Apple shop but I never dreamt that I would be the proud owner of one.  It is very slim and light weight, weighing just over 2lbs in weight.

Tonight we are going to the Albert Hall to see the Cirque du soleil , another thing I have wanted to do for a very long time.  As promised, I will post a photograph later wearing my red shirt and quilted jacket, which I intend wearing tonight.

Thanks Mike, I love you loads xxxx

Need to get up for work now, catch you later......................


  1. Happy Birthday - enjoy your evening!!!

  2. happy Birthday and enjoy the Cirque!

  3. thank you for my birthday messages, just had a nice lunch with a friend - need to get some work done before heading home to glam up for my evening

  4. Happy Birthday and hope you had a wonderful evening out. What delightful gifts you received.

  5. Happy birthday, enjoy!
    And what lovely gifts!