Saturday, 7 January 2012

My January SAM

I finished my Vogue 8606 jacket on New Year's Eve and wanted to make a blouse in the same red satin that I used for the lining to wear when I go to the theatre on Wednesday for my birthday treat.

I had a couple of ideas for the blouse, which coincidentally I am going to enter into the Stitcher's Guild Sewing Forum SAM (shirt a month) started by blue mooney.  I started looking through my pattern stash, and found a really old Vogue pattern circa 1980's, Vogue 9972 which I decided to use, never cut out before.

I selected the long sleeved version (well it is winter after all), and here is the finished article in my satin red fabric.

This isn't my favourite fabric to sew, it slips and slide all over the place, but I got there in the end.  This shirt has a hidden button placket which is really quite easy to do.

Now if at this point you are asking why did she put grey buttons on a red blouse, its quite simple.  I didn't have a set of red buttons I could put on.  I have mine and my mother's button collections (see above), but I couldn't find a set of red, so decided to put these on for now (well they don't show down the front) and then look for some red ones of a similar size to replace them later.

I followed the pattern instructions but decided that I could probably do without the shoulder pads this time round.  Here is the jacket and the shirt on Edna.  I am thinking of wearing this with black pants, and I do actually have some red satin shoes too (have to see what the weather is like on Wednesday).

So here is miss January SAM for my submission.  Time for bed now - Catch you later.............................


  1. It's beautiful...I love it! Why change the buttons? They look great and I love grey and red. Happy birthday! Mine is in a couple of weeks, too!

  2. Gorgeous and I hope you can wear your red shoes. Love both the shirt and the jacket. Well done, Pauline!

  3. What!!! No red buttons in that 'little' surprise me!!! Great shirt - enjoy the theatre...

  4. You are going to look fabulous. I love red , have a great time.

  5. Looks great and the outfit you plan sounds so pretty. I think your hidden grey buttons are just fine.

  6. I love all of this, especially the grey buttons.

  7. Thank you so much for your comments - I dragged out my red satin shoes and promise to post a photograph

  8. What a lovely blouse. You triggered me again: just bought the pattern on Ebay.
    Enjoy your theatre evening and happy birthday to you!