Sunday, 29 January 2012

Embellishing Machine samples

Last year I purchased an embellishing machine, and I really do want to play with this a little more.

I subscribe to the Sew Direct magazine (the US equivalent I believe is the Vogue sewing magazine) and they had a whole article on embellishing fabrics and incorporating them into a dress.

I grabbed a couple of scraps of fabric to see what would happen:-

Do you remember my blouse I made for my birthday dinner, well I felted that with my machine and completely transformed the fabric.

The felted side is almost fluffy v the silky softness of the charmeuse.

This is a terrible photograph, but it is actually the same cotton fabric I am making my Issey tunic out of.  This gives quite a textured feel to the fabric.

Here is my last sample - the left-hand piece is actually much shinier than the photo depicts, and the felted piece has quite an unusual feel to it almost like a bouclé.

In the Sew Direct magazine they created two different fabric types from the original fabric, the first was like a sort of cross hatch, so the diamond shapes in the middle retained the original feel of the fabric, and then the 2nd piece was heavily texturised all over so the dress had three different variations in it (with the fabric in its original state) and it looked great.

This has really got my creative juices flowing, each fabric handles differently, its not too time consuming to do, and the results could create dramatic results.

Watch this space.

Catch you later...........

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  1. Very inspirational! Recently, Sew Beautiful, an heirloom sewing magazine here in the states, had an article on an evening gown that featured an assymetrical extended strapless bodice over a full, soft chiffon skirt. The elongated bodice was out of silk chiffon that had been needle felted creating and amazing texture. She then went back over in some places with "velvet" thread, all in white. This went on top of a pale blue lining, just a hint of color, and was spectacular.

    I am itching to play with it with more silks and cottons and see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration.