Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lots of cycling and new windows

This week I have already done quite a bit of cycling, Tuesday approx 5 miles, Wednesday 6 miles and today, I think I clocked up approximately 10 miles - from the flat to the office, back to the flat then from the flat to the railway station to get the train back to my cottage so I hope the diet gods are kind to me and take this extra exercise into consideration when I step onto those dreaded scales on Monday.

I confess that normally I would make my way back to my cottage on a Friday morning, but my DS x 2 have been removing my old windows and replacing them with double glazed windows, and I haven't seen any of their work since they started yesterday, so I wanted to see the progress.

I have to say I am delighted with the work so far.  They have just one big bay window left to replace, and then there is some tidying up to be done, but I hope we should be finished by Saturday and I should be ready for any bad weather that may come our way.  An added advantage of these new windows is that I don't have lots and lots of tiny Georgian style window frames to paint inside and out this year.  Catch you later....................


  1. New windows for my 1945 home is a dream of mine. Enjoy yours!

  2. Mary, I know what you mean, my Cottage is circa 1920, I hope to make it a little warmer, my gas and electricity bills are very high

  3. We put in new windows last year and noticed a difference in our bills plus we don't hear the noise of the busy road behind us. Our house is 1965 and had the best windows for that time but they are so much more efficient now.

    I had to go to the city today and did a lot of walking; parking at the far end of the parking lot and walking quickly both ways. I am hoping the diet gods are good to me this week too.