Monday, 2 January 2012

Weight Watch Monday's 2012's first post.

The last time I stood on the scales for Weight Watch Monday's was just before I left to go to The Hague and then straight off to Dubai and I had no change from the week before.  I confess that I haven't stood on the scales since the 5th December, almost a whole month, today being the 2nd January, so you can imagine the my utter fear of standing on the scales this morning.  I haven't been in London so haven't used my bike, which means I haven't exercised either.  I could almost feel the sweat droplets falling off my forehead.

I took a deep breath, pulled the scales away from the wall, pushed the dust away from the screen, hit the memory button for my age (which will have to be adjusted in 9 days time, sadly I can't change the years passing and me getting older) and height, and waited for the 0:00 figures to appear which indicates when I can step on the scales.  Another deep breath,  I stood on the scales and then watch the figures going up and down before they settled on a final weight.............................the figures showed that I am 1.4lbs heavier than my last weigh in.

Phew what a relief, 1.4lbs I can live with, and if I am good this week could potentially lose by my next weigh in.

While I feel very smug that the damage isn't anywhere near as much as I thought it might be, it is still annoying that some of my efforts to lose weight has been undone, and I now need to clear my fridge of anything that will potentially damage my resolve.  I may even dust off my running machine later to increase the amount of exercise I need to do to win this battle because I will not be in London this week, so not doing my normal amount of cycling.

If you have experienced the same as me on this first weigh-in day of the year, my commiserations - I feel your pain, but join me and stick with it - we will all get there in the end, just keep clicking that mouse ha ha.

Catch you later......................


  1. Pah 1.4 lbs thats' nothing. Have you eaten at Christmas ? I have put on at least 6 lbs I kid you not ha . I do Slimming World and weigh in is Wednesday PM , I am dreading it .

  2. Lisa yes I certainly have eaten, that is why I was petrified, and probably why I hadn't stood on the scales for a while.

    I am doing Weight Watchers however I have friends who have had great results with Slimming World, but at the end of the day it is simple mathematics regarding the calorific value of the food going into the mouth and the amount of energy you burn in a day.

    Good luck with Wednesday's weigh in.

  3. I just know I have put on a few over the past couple of weeks but will just deal. That scale scares me too! We have been eating rich, heavy meals and treats we usually don't have available. For me there is a feeling of " when will I get to eat this again?" But now it is back to my usual routine and I know it will come of quickly. We just don't normally eat that way.

    Visiting relatives, at least my husband's, is a very sedentary process. That will stop too as I race up and down the stairs of my house from sewing studio to the kitchen and bath. There is definitely more exercise in my life when home then when on the road. It will all happen and I am not too worried.

    I have also found that every winter, which is very isolating up here and extremely cold, I may gain up to five pounds. As soon as the warm weather arrives and I am able to work in the garden, walk, etc, it just all sort of drops back.

    I know you will be in control of this and don't let that small amount of pounds eat at you. That's not good. Wishing you lots of success with this in the New Year.

  4. Thanks Bunny - I know what you mean about the winter months - however the picture on your blog was just beautiful.

    Good wishes to you too for 2012.