Monday, 16 January 2012

Weight Loss Monday - hmmmmmmmm

Well I guess that my weight loss wasn't going to be huge following last weeks birthday treats, but I am glad to report that there is a loss of half a pound - better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick as some people say.

I was really hoping for more, but I can't expect too much.

This week I am at the cottage and my D Mike is travelling so I will be able to have a perfect diet like I did the week before last, lots of good low fat foods like my porridge with fruit, veg soups, cut out my bread and potatoes, but fill up on salads and more veg.

Still it adds up to a total of 5.5lbs so only 1.5lbs for my half a stone which will be my mile stones.  I want to start doing my weights again to help burn the fat, so will add some weights to my cycling.

Ann on Everything Sewing and Shannon from the Hungry Zombie blogs are also putting themselves through the trials and tribulations of dieting so hopefully they have done better than me last week.

Catch you later............................


  1. Birthday week is never, never counted in weight loss. You have to give yourself a break...

  2. Hey, every little bit counts, right? Especially during birthday week!

  3. Every little bit counts. I lost a pound for a total of 6 pounds.

  4. Had a lovely time with yesterday and will be posting the meeting photo today xx

  5. Yes, having good diet plan is the most essential part to get the good health. To maintain the good health it is very necessary to follow the good diet plan and to follow it.

  6. P, check out I am using it to get my exercise habit started. They have menus and exercises for all levels. The exercise choices would give you variety for home and travel.

    So great you are making sewing friends all over the world. You are like the U.K. Sewing Ambassador. ---Anita