Monday, 23 January 2012

Issey Miyake Vogue Designer Original - Vogue 1204 - Progress

As mentioned earlier, today's activities involved running the gauntlet at Ikea to purchase a lovely new glass desk for my office (I work from home a couple of days a week), a new filing cabinet and a couple of odds and ends that we needed.  I had already prepared lunch so when the family arrived it was just a case of roasting off the potatoes.  Lunch over, family gone, MD Mike driven to the railway station, I didn't get upstairs to my sewing room until after 7:30pm maybe even closer to 8pm.

I had already made a start on my tunic by sewing the pin tucks on the back and front.  I decided to complete this process by doing the sleeves so that particular process was all done.  I used Bernina foot No 10 (one of my Christmas presents) which really helped to keep close to the edge of the fabric.

Press the stitched tucks on the flat first, and then I opened the fabric out and pressed them to one side.

So pin tucks done, next job was to sew the neck edges of the fronts together, followed by sewing the shoulders seams using a flat felt seam or lapped seam.  Once again I used one of the feet I bought for Christmas and found it very useful.

I can't recall sewing flat felt seams/lapped seams in a garment before - if I did, it was long enough ago for me to forget, so this shirt is testing me on many sewing techniques.

Now here comes my favorite bit (NOT).  I hated this bit - and wanted to scream, sewed it, unpicked it, re-sewed it), and as you can see there are very few tips on the best way to get this to sit perfectly.

The best way I found of doing this was to sew the two long neck edges, and then hand sew the points using blind stitches.  Its still not a 100% but better than before. 

Here you can see the collar stand from the back.

Here is the view from the front showing those lovely pin tucks.  

The back called for a 5/8" hem to be sewn before the sides are sewn together which I have done.

I may get a chance to spend half an hour on this tomorrow, but that will probably be it so I doubt that it will get finished now until next weekend.

I said I would only sew until about 10:30pm tonight, and I am typing this before heading to bed at midnight..... gosh this always happens - do you do the same thing, just get carried away by saying, "I'll just do X, Y and before you know it you have done Z too.

Right I am off, night night, catch you later................


  1. Wow! This is looking really wonderful. I love Issey and his designs are so unique they are timeless. He definitely plays to the tune of a different drummer and because of that his work stands the test of time.

  2. Thanks Bunny - I still love that PP princess seam blouse that you adapted using pin tucks - I have made that pattern up but "out of the box" so to speak, so its still on my list to recreate it with a pin tuck twist to it.

  3. This is looking wonderful. I always really admire pintucks but as yet I haven't been brave enough to try them.

  4. Lisa

    you should have a go it isn't as frightening as you think - If you have a edge stitch foot to use as a guide, it helps, but not essential if you have a good eye