Sunday, 29 January 2012

Issey Miyake Vogue Designer Original - Vogue 1204 - Progress -2

With all the excitement this week, I haven't had as much time as I wanted to sew, and  didn't quite manage to get my Issey Miyake tunic finished  I probably have about 1-2 hours work left but had to leave for the flat  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh never mind.

Here is as far as I have got (sorry I haven't re-pressed the tunic).  I have attached the sleeves, all seams are flat felled seams, something I havent' done before, or as I said in my last blog, many many years ago.

Flat felled seams can be found on almost all jeans, and those garments that require a more sporty look.  The seams conceal the raw edges giving a neat finish inside and out, and because of the double stitching are quite strong.

Sewing the flat felled seams on the straight is relatively easy, but the curve of the sleeve heads were a little more difficult, as was the narrow sleeve seam.  I copied DPC's suggestion of bunching the sleeve around the foot like this to sew the sleeve seams, this was because I couldn't be bothered to remove my large sewing table.  Once I reach the side seam, I removed the sleeve from the machine, and then placed it back on the machine starting from underneath the arm.

For pressing the sleeve, I used an extra long wooden rolling pin which worked really well, this is also quite handy when I want to press the seams on trouser/pants legs too.

I just need to finish the cuffs, I have already completed the sleeve plackets, and I guess sew some buttonholes for the sleeves too.

Everything needs a really good press, and I may even give it a bit of a starch too, but not until Friday at the earliest - ho hum.

Catch you later.

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  1. This is looking great. I can't wait to see the finished tunic. I'm a big Issey fan and have been eyeing this top.