Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Meeting up with cyber friends.

Yesterday evening I met up with the beautiful fellow blogger/sewer Rachel from the House of Pineiro and what a lovely time we had chatting.

She informed me that she had only been sewing since 2009.  She wanted to learn to sew, bought a sewing machine, read books, looked at blogs, dvd's YouTube what ever she could just finds out how to make the things that she wanted to fit an Amazonian figure to die for (I hate her) only joking.

Rachel has attended sewing classes here and in Brazil, where her mum bought her a little sewing machine so she could continue sewing when she went home to visit.  If that wasn't enough, she and her friend even formed a sewing club where approximately eight ladies meet up once a month - what enthusiasm.

Take a peek at her blog its a joy - she loves anything to do with crafting be it sewing, cooking, making garments out of old socks - and she is studying full-time too trying to complete a very complicated MBA - its must be exhausting keeping up with her!!! - Rach I can't wait to meet up with you at the sewing show on the 4th Feb.

I took the liberty of stealing the photo below from Rachel's blog.


  1. What fun it must have been to meet up with a fellow sewing blogger. It sounds like you had a great visit with Rachel.

  2. I have been following Rachel for some time, and have yet to find someone as multi-talented as her at such I high level. How lucky to catch up with her...

  3. Pauline, what a fun meet... Really joyful and I'm looking foward for next Saturday . Xx