Sunday, 25 March 2012

2nd Baby memento pillow

I managed to finish the 2nd baby memento pillow this evening for my neighbour's daughter  who gave birth to a little baby boy on the 13th March.

I loved the little pink pillow I made for my friend's daughter when she gave birth to her first little baby which you can see here.

I am quite pleased with what I have managed to do between Friday and tonight, but I still have so much more that is sitting in the queue waiting to be done lol, oh to have more time.......

Time to shut up the sewing room now for tonight, but in order to keep busy, I will start knitting that ball of yarn that I bought at the sewing show to make another scarf, different from the others I have made recently.

Have a great day/evening whatever you may be done today.  Catch you later...........


  1. Love the memento pillow. What stitch do you use to hem the ruffle?

  2. Pauline, what a great friend you are.. It's adorable xx

  3. Ann, the ruffle was just made with my serger - I replaced the upper looper thread with a baby blue, and then did a 4 thread serged edge, with a stitch length of 1.5.

    I like these little pillows cushions, they don't take too long to embroider (30 minutes) and then the cushion is quick to make. The frill was gathered with the serger (full differential feed no.2 and stitch length of 4) - however one error was when I sewed the frill on, I put it on back to front with the white lower looper thread showing on the front rather than the Blue which I wanted - unpicked and redone grrrr...

    thanks for the compliments ladies.