Wednesday, 28 March 2012

sewing plans for the weekend thwarted

I think any sewing plans for the weekend have been thwarted following receipt of an email request to make a 50th birthday cake for my D Mike’s brother in law.

His wife has asked if I can make a cake in the shape of his base guitar so the first thing I had to do was ask for a photograph as I had no idea what a base guitar looked like.

I do enjoy baking – I believe that it is just an extension of any other craft, and have made quite a few cakes over the years and enjoyed the process, and I hope I will enjoy making this one too.

We have two birthday's this weekend, so I will probably make a little cake to take to the restaurant with us on Sunday for my D Mike's son's 30th birthday lunch.

Dave's base guitar
My D Mike has said that he will take me to Walthamstow market on Saturday on route to the party - so that will be good as I need to collect a few bits and bobs that I normally buy from there - but I will not have long, so this will be what we both call a smash and grab visit - no we are not doing a masked raid on the stores but Mike parks the car around the corner from the shops that I go into (thankfully close together) and I dash in, get what I need and then back to the car - usually about 15-20 minute shop.

Sew Direct had a special offer on all their patterns last weekend for their members, buy one pattern and get two free.  I used this opportunity to buy some of the more expensive Vogue patterns that I  have coveted after seeing some fabulous reviews on Pattern Review and Stitcher's Guild Sewing Forum , but couldn't justify buying them, due an already large pattern stash. This was a great opportunity to get these patterns at a 1/3rd of their normal price so I took the plunge.

Oh well, best get on with some work - will post a photo of my cake once done.

Catch you later………

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