Thursday, 22 March 2012

Noises in the middle of the night

For the past few weeks when I go to bed at the cottage I keep hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet in the middle of the night.  No this isn't a new baby but I fear and suspect either mice or rates in the flat roof of my bedroom, furthermore, they are definitely wearing hob-nailed boots!

I have a real hatred/phobia of rates, I am not too keen on mice either but can't bear the thought of them residing in my home, albeit out of sight.  I am sure that they must sleep during the day and then have a party in the early hours of the morning because it is always between 12-3am that I hear them clomping around on the ceiling of my bedroom having their own little party.

I was hoping that the warmer weather would drive these critters out into the woods and fields we have surrounding us, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  I am petrified that they will chew through electrical wires creating an even bigger problem so I have called in "Pest Control".

One further complication is access to my flat roof.  I have walked around the house and can't see anywhere obvious that they are getting into the roof.  Even if it is a small entry point, this doesn't help the rat man to put poison or traps down so I was informed that if necessary, I would have to create an access point in the ceiling for them to be able to do this..................Sometimes life is just not simple is it.

Catch you later..................


  1. I also hate rats and mice. We usually get one or two into the house each year. In this house it is at the hearth of the basement fireplace (it will get fixed this coming winter). In our previous home we had a flux of them come in through the fireplace also. It was nothing to trap 4 a night. We did it for 6 weeks and then they disappeared.
    Hope you get your problem solved quickly.

  2. If they are running across the attic floor, it could be squirrels or chipmunks, not that that's any better! We had that issue years ago and had to move as the landlord would not fix it. I would listen to them running back and forth all night. DH was on the road and I was home with a newborn. I was convinced they were going to get in and chew her up. It was awful.

    Hope you get this fixed soon so you can get back your restful sleep.

  3. I had a similar noise once and it was birds nesting in the roof. Is a bit freaky the first time you hear it.

  4. the pest control guys has just been - thinks its prob a rat and can see a pipe that may be the entry point - rat poison down and he will be back in 10 days.

  5. You have my greatest sympathy. I have arrived at my week-end home today to find two mice skittering around the dining room, and one mouse eating the dead mouse in the trap in the downstairs loo. I am genuinely hysterical. There are now about 20 traps down accompanied by boxes of poison. My very dear nephew came to my rescue - I genuinely couldn't cope.

  6. I'm so sorry. I'm so terrified of mice and rats in the house that I once asked my neighbor with Alzheimers to come get a mouse caught in the trap.
    His daughter was not pleased and my husband was embarrassed but I couldn't handle it and still can't.
    Hope the rat poison is the solution.