Saturday, 24 March 2012

Chunky Stocking Stitch Jacket progress

Dear Readers I can't tell you how quick it is to knit this jacket up.

As you know I purchased the wool at the exhibition yesterday, and I started knitting the back section yesterday evening after dinner around 8:45pm and finished its by 11am this morning (no I wasn't knitting through the night) but I think the back took me approximately 4 hours to knit.

Today I have managed to finish the two front sections and one sleeve.  I haven't just been knitting all day today in case you I thought I was.  I had a stack of ironing to do, I also had to bite the bullet and tidy my sewing room and clean the floor.  I also turned the spare embroidery square of Pooh and Tigger into a large floor cushion for my DGD Alana when she comes to visit.

Chunky stocking stitch jacket progress

floor cushion.

I may or may not get this jacket finished tomorrow, if I do, it will be great and a first for me to knit something so quickly.

Lets see how I get on tomorrow.  Catch you later..........


  1. Wow!! that sweater knits up so fast. And it looks fantastic.

    Love the floor cushion for Alana. It is too darn cute.

  2. Nothing like some quick gratification. It's looking beautiful.